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Diesel Particulate Filter (FAP):
A technological benchmark

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If you buy an HDi Peugeot, or one of our diesel hybrid vehicles, the chances are it will have a Diesel Particulate Filter. And while you’re driving around, the DPF (or FAP in French as it’s known), will be cutting the soot coming out of your engine by 99.9%.

For the geeks among us, it works like this: the FAP catches diesel particulates in a silicon carbide filter. It then eliminates them  by burning them at a high temperature in a ‘regeneration’ process controlled by the engine’s computer.

Peugeot developed the world’s first FAP engine back in 2000 for the 607 – it was hailed as a technological breakthrough in environmental protection.

And, just to reassure you, a FAP has no effect whatsoever on driving performance and only needs servicing every 180,000 kilometres.